When truths won’t be heard

And lies plant their seed

When spoken words hurt

And anger needs to feed

When the hurt is forever present

And the past won’t stay down

Is love less than pain

Has shame worn me down

Can I be a new me

With these deep scars that bleed fresh

Do I leave- so he can breathe

Or stay and fight through this mess

Do I have a right to say

I won’t take this from you

When your eyes expose your brokenness

And I know I caused this too




Alone in my thoughts

Too much raw emotion to manage

Just reflecting the things I’ve done

Lies, betrayal, just plain damage

When life threw me lemons

No juice was made

Mine soured

Now wounded ego’s baracade

All the good we devoured



Not one more word

I very well could explode

One more regret, I’m ready, get set

Guns blazing, unlock and reload

The disrespect we spit

Is now common place

No more trust

My love we’ve bust

This past year’s

Been a total disgrace

There is no shame, in where we began

Only in what we have become

Missing the day’s when you were my friend

My heart still thinks you’re the one




Caught somewhere, between pain and tears

My tongue spews venom

My lips shutter to hear

My eyes have betrayed me

They’ve let you see inside my soul

My ears hear what they choose

Spinning my mind out of control

No rhyme

No reason

Just a slew of I don’t knows

Improper handling of my heart

Your agendas now become exposed

Tell me how you sleep at night

Ripping at my scars of pain

There are no winners in this fight

But is it a chance love can remain?




So i’ve been sharing my story. And anyone who’s read my post knows; I am a believer in signs from above, be it the Universe, God, Jesus, the Holy spirit, my angels, or guides. I have seen, felt, witnessed and am an instrument of the Divines Grace, mercy but above all unconditional love for mankind.


Some of you may know, but for those of you that do not; I was also blessed with the ability to divinate, I can divine the Tarot, I have Oracle cards, pendulums seem to love me, as do I them, automatic writing is natural as meditation for me, just like working with Crystals and stones, my hand will pick the correct one.


Kinda looked intimidating to be honest. Why bother when everything else comes so naturally to me. Still I wanted to see what all the jazz was about, so I did like anyone else would… I got the app from play storeπŸ˜€ Got it all ready. I have to say I was a tad frustrated,there weren’t any instructions, no video, just several options on different Rune spreads. Now that, I did like. So I decided since i’d just given myself a Chakra tune up the night before,that I would proceed with the CHAKRA SPREAD

CHAKRA SPREAD: the premise here is you think about your question, then click answer. Simple enough. Then it provides you a Rune for every chakra. So … I’m going to share a bit of my reading.

The first thing I did was ground myself. Then I let my mind get quiet. Then I align,center and connect to Source. Then I posed my question?

The question: Is there something in each chakra keeping me,or holding me from my purpose?

I clicked answer. Remember this is a Chakra spread

Root: Wunjo represents a state of harmony in a chaotic world. Amidpoint between opposites, where alienation and anxieties disappear.

Sacral: Inverted fehu. Talks about a lot of frustration in my life now. Doubtful situations coming in many forms.

Solar Plexus: Gebo this is the one that was interesting… Lucky 7 superstition. A gift? Whether it’s a present, an attribute, or a certain skill or ability. It can also stand for forgiveness., the greatest gift of all. It is said that the gift presents you with the choice of acceptance, or rejection. If you accept, you must be prepared to give in return. Everything has a price, when dealing with the spiritual gifts the cost is always worth it in the end. I’ll need to find the balance between giving and receiving and learn to give responsibly. Learning when and who to give to, asiit is not appropriate to give to everyone indiscriminately.

WOW! LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!!! YOU know how when you’ve found something so wonderful that can help so many people? Especially those you love and care for. The ones you watch and comfort as they struggle through the same ole,same ? The Gebo resonated deeply with me because that’s what I do. I try to help. Its part intuit, part libra, part empath, part healer.

Heart Chakra:Thurisaz. The rune of protection! Can be used for good or chaos. Its a symbolic weapon. It represents the forces of the human psyche. You have the power in you to face anything, fear nothing. You have the authority to claim your destiny.

Throat Chakra: Nauthiz This is significant because it’s meaning is a direct connect to my chakra tune up i’d performed the night before. It represents a necessity thatpputs constraints on us, so our power is restricted. However this rune comes with the power and strength to break free from this need and its restrictions. A rune of change,counsels to use patience. If there is hardship, there’s a learning experience to be had,of benefit. It warns against the risky path, I am getting exactly what I need right now, to make the best progress on my spiritual path. Even if it appears to be apposite of what it is that I want. A series of lessons, that MUST be learned.

Here’s the thing… The night before; when I was giving my chakras a much needed thorough tune up, when I got to my throat chakra( just if anyone is wondering, when I do a full work up on my chakras, im certain my Reiki energy is also flowing, for me my energy is flowing pretty much regularly without my initiating it) I typically use a very large quartz crystal that is programmed for this purpose. Some people use stones that correspond to the chakra,and this is fine; and I work this way on clients too, unless spirit directs me otherwise. Anyways… I use a technique called Light Body Tayloring, so as im being graced by the presence of The Divine, Angels, Light Beings, all coming through me to facilitate this chakra cleaning. The strangest thing occurred. After cleaning out what I call the mucky muck, there was a continuous pull of ( the way it feels is,all the times you didn’t say your truth. Or weren’t truthful. Or didn’t communicate your feelings.) but it was resistant; there was so much and then my hand went straight back against the wall,as if I was chained there; and my dominant hand finished,and it went back against the wall the same way; 60 seconds might have passed by before both hands raised above my head and then crossed each other,then went side by side; the energy was so strong, then my hands together stood straight out towards my feet( I was lying down) and they snapped apart with so much force, the words. That came into my head at that very moment was” BREAK EVERY CHAIN”

So having Nauthiz as my throat chakra rune really resonated.

THIRD EYE: ISA. Stillness do not get stuck in a rut. Don’t abandon my goals,reaffirm them

CROWN CHAKRA: INVERTED MANNAZ. When this rune is drawn clear blockages within. Potential enemies who may not be of my own culture, or problems with authority. Look to the following rune for help as to who this is, or what the problem could be???



From my heart to yours V.