In the beauty of life dreams and make believe are reality. Dare to feel. Dare to think. Dare to be.

You are given what you can shoulder. Only shown what you need to see. In a moment… a day… a year… or two lifetimes, if it takes. Hard heads make make for soft a ass. We’re all bound to make mistakes. But maybe lifetime three or maybe four, you recall a dream to an open door. Once you awake. You can not forget. The you-you saw. The you-you met. You know for certain you’ve been here before and that our Creator made you for so much more.

23 thoughts on “MEETING YOU

    1. I would love to tell you more about it. This may seem odd and I don’t mean to offend you, in the physical scheme of humanity it makes no never mind ( excuse my double negative bahaha) but in the way we process and internalize energy and information on a different level it seems to. Are you a female or a Male? It just makes the difference in how I’d explain intuition is all.


      1. There’s a reason you have that question. I do not feel comfortable answering it. It makes me sad that you felt the need to ask it, because it has nothing to do with me. You called me sir. I did not correct you. So I am indeed a sir if that’s what you choose to call me.


      2. When I called you Sir. It was in response to me making a assumption by your post name, that is all. Honestly and truly I am in no way trying to offend you. I would never ever purposely try and make anyone feel this way. I think if I haven’t offended you too much and you actually read my blog, or give me the benefit of the doubt, you will see this.


      3. I wasn’t offended when you called me sir. I was flattered. And while there may be some amount of validity to your ideas about the differences of people with different biological sexes in many cases, I’m an anomaly. I cannot be classified. It’s okay. There are always outliers.


      4. I agree with you wholeheartedly. 100% My lifes purpose is to teach and spread unconditional love to others ; whether it’s teaching them how to love themselves, helping them spiritually, helping through reiki, or whatever means I can reach another soul. I have one daughter and four sons. My oldest identifies as gay; the next is heterosexual, my third son doesn’t like labels Period! I am not certain if he is sure if he knows, or cares to label himself; he’s told me that he likes both sexes. When he was 18years old I’m certain he was trying out my clothes, but he didn’t want to talk about it then. My philosophy has always been that each time on earth is too short to not be who you’re meant to be,and if you have the chance to figure that out early on in life, you are so much further along than most of us.


      5. I’m happy for you that you are not prejudiced toward your children. However, this is a common mistake people make. There is no reason go on and on and on about gender and sexuality just because it made you uncomfortable. What if someone misclassified you and then started going on and on and on? It makes us uncomfortable. And it’s easy extremely frustrating, because it doesn’t always need to be a whole long drawn-out conversation. Can’t we just move on?


      6. Yes we can move on. But do not presume to know my life either. I have been mistaken for my share of this world’s social stereotypical (ish) whether it’s what I do for a living, having 5 children by 3 different men: being married to a white man, too heavy; too thin, and the biggest of them all… not being black enough! Hear me when I say… my non-judgment is not reserved for my children only, it is my view of humanity. Unconditional love for all of mankind.


      7. I hear you. These types of conversations are difficult to convey without facial expressions and body language. I have no ill-will. And of course, I can only imagine discrimination you have faced, knowing or not knowing what you just told me. But I’m not in any way judging you. You seem like a genuinely good person. I just want to set the record straight. After all, isn’t that what writing is all about?


      8. Yes it is. I like to keep things authentic as I can. I kinda felt things swaying to a place of negative energy and if I in any way provoked these types of emotions it was not my intent. You are so correct in the ways text are interpreted. I do know that I’ve worked very hard to not read “attitude ” into words. But it happens. We’re all, always learning and growing. I to, intuit you to be a great person. I intuit we have a similar background with past hurts. I am getting this from the initial post you posted that captivated me. I saw a lot of myself, as well as a lot of our world issues in the post.


      9. I know that your intentions are positive. But sometimes we have to change our methods in our ways of thinking to be more effective in spreading our positivity.


      10. I will tell you the difference if it makes you feel more comfortable. Women, seem to naturally be more open to their intuition faster than men. My mom used to say it’s women’s intuition, or gut instinct… e.t.c.


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