My son Jacolbie A.k.a.Jac

So, you know how you get the perfect message at the perfect moment? Well this happened to me today. My son Jac, who I’ve already disposed to my readers, he’s in prison… well he sent me a card today I’m going to share with ya’ll the inspirational message in this card.

For those of you who believe in the ” middle child syndrome “it’s garbage! I have five children and I am the Closest with the my three middle children. Their ages are almost 24; as of next month, 22,and and 20. We talk every day, or at least every other day, even with my 22year old being in prison, we do not let this stop our communication.


The card. Feeling a bit… neutral in my goal settings, so to speak… I receive a card from my son Jac whose in prison. He’s also my third child. My premature son, born at 27,in a half weeks due to placenta previa, 3lbs 12,in in a half ounces. We have a sort of connection.

So I get this card unexpectedly that says: ” Through you God brings so much love, life, and fun to the world…

How can I thank God for enough for you.

Then he wrote in the card…

Mom never give up on your dreams! Know all of your good work is noticed and the Universe will give back. Keep on pushing!

Mom. You continue to give me hope, love, joy, laughter, and the will to persevere through all! You make me proud… Dear mom, you’ve given and given some more all your life; and all of mine. You’ve sacrificed. You’ve loved, cared, and supported us all daily. Now love yourself! Chase your dreams! Keep making me proud, mamma! I love, love, love you mamma. More than you know! Jac😀

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