Black crow, black crow

I heard you calling from a mile away

As you soar in like an eagle

Dark as night

Against the crisp blue day

Black crow, black crow

You perched at the top of my tree

Squawking so loud

Were you calling for me

I payed you know mind

Smoking and busied on my phone

So another joined you

And the squawks increased in tone

I put down my phone

And looked up at you two

I said…

You have my attention

What can I, do for you

The squawking ceased to be

And one flew to the ground

The beauty in the tree, was staring at me

The one on the ground

Just walked around


Black crow, black crow

I haven’t taken my journey yet, you see

To discover my power animal inside

But I feel your presence is telling me

When I do

Your beauty is what I’ll find



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