Yesterday I shared a poem and at the end of it I said that I would let God/Spirit guide my steps. Most of the decisions that I make are made by serious quiet time with what I call my Wise one’s: The Universe , God , my Angels, my Guides, and unconditional love and a lot of meditation and faith, I haven’t been let down yet; I’m always either directed through dreams or channeling, or clairvoyant/ clairaudience means through my meditative state my answers. Sometimes they’re in bits and pieces and not all at once; as I’d like them to be, lesson being, patience is a virtue. Learning to be patient and wait for a vision you had a week ago to come into fruition with the next piece a week later… takes getting used to. I’m certain that this will get better.


So after me having my talk Last night I simply said. I am not afraid of what comes next for me. I do not know where to go. I have my 15 year old son with autism, but I know that you will not fail me.

I said I am impulsive.

So guide my steps to make the best one’s that keep me aligned on my path.

And I heard spirit say 3 years. You can do it. You will learn more about the depth of your strength and build even more compassion for those who do you wrong and still be able to love them unconditionally because this is my path.

What was weird about this as soon as I went inside. My husband decided to randomly have a talk with me about finances and how he had been unfair and reworked them so that there was extra money for the both of us, and it was actually a 50/50 split. He even went on to inform me where we stood financially.

I told him that I appreciated him taking the time out to rework the budget and to actually listen and hear my grievances and work to change them. I thanked him. I also thanked him for communicating with me about the status of our finances. I told him it felt great to be included.

Then I sat back and thought about how God was keeping me from being impulsive and packing that bag and bouncing.

3 year’s … second time I’ve heard this. A clairvoyant said in 3 years that I would be making a choice, and by year four or 5 I will meet the man who will support and encourage and love me the way I need to be. And within from now throughout 8 years I will have everything I am working for it will all come together. So when spirit whispered that 3 years… I just said oh my gosh. Okay.

From my heart to yours…V.

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