It’s that time of year… RESOLUTION TIME! Am I right?

Well me, I stopped making them about 5 years ago; not because I got smarter, if I’m being honest, but because I was tired of letting myself down before January was over. Oh yes my friends, when you are a person who inspires, who lives to uplift others, the amount of pressure and goals that you can place and set for yourself can SOMETIMES… PROBABLY…USUALLY…ALWAYS…be unattainable; to put it mildly, to more accurately describe it… BAT SHIT BEYOND APPROACH!


Seriously though. I learned what works best for me and the way my psyche processes and progresses is, instead of making list of things that I wasn’t going to do anymore, I would be true to myself and honor my journey and the process and in return I’d be without limitations, without stress, able to see growth. I did this by stating things I wanted in my life, mostly without a monetary value in the first few years. My reason for this was to build the inner Ve’shon, because as I would work from the inside out, the natural flow of the Universe would reveal wonders to propel other, more material things into fruition. So I started with 3. I wanted to be more patient and understanding with myself. I placed God at the Head, the Heart and the center of my life and asked that he direct my steps and guide my path and lead me towards my purpose. I became certified in reiki. The certification was all because of the progress of my #1&#2 I was lead and directed.

Think about how you start off a fresh New Year.

Do it positively people.


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