When you know!

This post is more like a call to arms for my dear few followers that continue to watch my development. Becoming self aware is such a blessing. I gotta tell you it comes with so much personal responsibility, accountability, ownership and a great big mirror for you to truly see yourself in the most vulnerable, but clear, flaws and all moments of your present reality.

This is the time when the Divine source shows you everything is about unconditional love… This same loving source tells you that it starts within.

That in order to receive love, no matter how hard you love another, if you’re not loving yourself, truly loving yourself the way the Divine loves you, that you will always fall short.

Seeking an equally yoked relationship…

I ponder this concept. I understand that our journey is to love as the Divine does… yet we are human beings constantly learning, growing and also in conflict at times with the ego; which keeps us spiritually reaching towards the Divine, learning to not seek outwardly what can only be fulfilled by God and then self.

So does the equally yoked relationship exist?

I don’t believe so. I believe that God/ Devine source sends us the perfect person’s, at these pivotal moments to be teachers, because EVERY relationship, GOOD… BAD… INDIFFERENT… DESTRUCTIVE… ABUSIVE… they all serve to teach us.

Here’s the thing. What we forget to do as humans, with our HEARTS…being our most vulnerable, but most important, precious, priceless and powerful embodiment of the Divine is…

We just move right along. We do not tend to the very thing that is who we are! We do not take time out to triage our Hearts center. We do not nurse it back to health.

Can you imagine how beautiful you would be if you loved yourself as much as you have some of the relationships that broke your heart?

Let’s all learn to love ourselves, so that we can love another.


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