The great Democracy?

I glance through the news articles and I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not as up-to-date as maybe I should be when it comes to the political back and forth.

I also feel whether or not President Trump is the candidate I voted for; is irrelevant, he is in fact our President,and should be addressed as such when spoken about publicly.

Stay with me now…

Some may feel justified to behave in a barbaric manner or speak in non flattering visually stimulating words, because he himself has mastered the art; but in doing so we only perpetuate degradation, and fear and we become a mirror. A mirror of the masses spouting from the cuff, we become what we see in him that displeases us.

So I was thinking today about our country and other countries in this remarkable world, what popped into my mind kind of through me for a loop, I want to know how and what you people think?

I analyze people. I see what they say. I hear what they do. I feel and observe things with every sense my body has. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like if there was no-one to stop him our Presidency would be a Dictatorship?

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