You ever notice how you begin something and it blossoms into something even bigger then you expected it to be?

Funny really I suppose, maybe this is how spiritual awakenings are supposed to work; by us realizing our untapped potential , developing the gifts that have laid dormant for so long ,discovering our path along the way as we heal past trauma and brokenness, because along this journey you will find out some interesting things about yourself, some known to you- and others you either were in denial of or,hadn’t realized you were in need-thought you had it all figured out, only to find-truly… you were part of the problem, versus the way you’d seen yourself , being the solution.

It will make you question your beliefs.

Your principals, because for some, the lot of these stem from our upbringing, from families we love ( even though, let’s face it, we all cringe when it’s family reunion time. At least in my family we do. ) it’s no longer a celebration of family, in my opinion; it’s a resume show down, the who’ s doing better than whom in the family, whose children have been through whatever triumphs… it’s disheartening to say the least. The in- laws the same. I am a loving person. Very flawed. My heart is so full of love and compassion that to walk into a room of family and I know. ..that you do not view the hearts of myself, my husband and our children the same way you view the rest of an imperfect family…” as a empath and intuitive and a healer”you pick up on it right away, it leaves you with a level of sadness not for myself, because I have resolved my issues of rejection and abandonment, but for my children and husband. When it comes to my family I have simply learned to detach from any painful feelings. So I am able to love them unconditionally. Without myself being hurt. My in- laws Do not misunderstand Uncle Rick all I can say is wow! Thankyou 100 times over. I love you forever. I do not need to be classless or petty because that is simply not me. On both sides of the family. Mine as well as my Husbands, there’s no need for me to drop any names. You know exactly who you are!! If you have ever made myself, my husband or ANY of my children feel less then ,you have any other family members. SHAME we all have problems. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. THE GREATEST THING I KNOW FOR CERTAIN ABOUT THE CHALMERS/ LOSEY MIX is that when we have someone not slamming us. Just holding us accountable, we rise up. Stronger and better. We do not hide from our problems. Or deny our truths. They become our character. And make us better. Our struggle becomes the shine in our eyes. The lesson truly learned. A teaching tool to help empower and uplift others. Not a shameful secret we hope no-one finds out about. We use every part of our hearts to help serve another…whether it be in our blessings, failure, grief or foolishness. You never know what part of your journey connects to the heart of another’s soul and helps them make a better choice.

Here’s the thing.. .

Don’t be afraid that as you awaken you will lose the old you. My thoughts are you shed what’s no longer necessary, no longer needed, no longer for your highest good; all the things that gave you your heart and edge and personality will still be there.

I remember after being Ordained as a Spiritual Minister and saying my first few curse words. OH MY GOSH… I was beside myself with conflict, in meditation I found resolution.

You cursed before Reiki.

You cursed before Ordination.

Was your heart any different then?




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