The first step.

The first step in bettering yourself, your circumstances and situation in life is to learn to love yourself. I’ve come to realize for many of us this is a difficult, almost seemingly un-natural process. Throughout my personal journey and the journey’s of those that i’ve  had the pleasure to be apart of; what I have discovered is , we have a tendency to give so much of our hearts to our lovers, children, family, friends, pets, e.t.c. making ourselves last on our own list; expecting someone , or everyone from the above list to love us back the way we do them, thinking that it will fill the space inside your heart that can only truly be filled by ourselves. Then one day you feel taken for granted by  your significant other, kids grow up, family… well, we do not get to pick them, that friend that you gave all your energy to, isn’t there for you when you need them. So how do you begin the process of growing and loving yourself? First by realizing it’s never too late, I began at the age of 40 and i’m embracing every wonderful moment ,and discovering new ways to love myself daily. Second free choice … decide to love yourself, no matter what, know that you are worth it. Third release yourself from self defeating talk and thoughts, what I did was  everytime I said anything negative about myself, I had to stop and say three positive things right then and there, it was very helpful, I even challenged myself by not using the same affirmations or positive attributes in the same day, it was less than a month before I saw myself in a different light , a better loving beautiful light.                       Take the step.      #love&lightunite   Veshon Chalmers Losey

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