Clenched fists beating oak hardwood floors

Tequila fueled breakdown- screams summoned from my core

An amicable separation- what’s this truly mean

When I am devastated… and he doesn’t feel a thing

Over two decades we’ve shared- I built…I molded

I said separation- he smiled and then folded

Twelve days later he has a new love

He said I’m sorry that I’m happy

But… what we had- is what-was

I’m moving on with a new life

I hope you’ll do the same

Btw… you’re no longer welcome here….wife

Damn… is it me? Am I insane? ❤💡💪⚖


Look deep inside.

Can you see how I feel?

Process this as reality… and know my heart loves you still

Difference has shred

The love that twined us two

Two decades I fought and bled

Thinking it bring me closer to you

Now here I stand

So dazed and confused

Wondering why each road led me away from you

The Universe has spoken

It said to set you free

You’ll be a better you

And I can truly be me


Trying to maintain

I have embarked on the unfamiliar.

I’ve spread my wings and stepped out on faith. I admit, spirit has shown me the starting point; so I know I’m moving correct. Spirit has allowed me to see that when it’s all said and done; I’m going to have clarity and everything I’ve been working for. I’m trying very hard to not allow those nasty little creepers (fear and doubt) to attach. #LOVEANDLIGHTUNITE